Why Thongs Flip Flops

Thongs Flip Flops are a company founded by Former World and European No3 wakeboarder Peter Stewart from Ireland. 

The idea came about in 2013 out of the love of the flip flop.  The problem was that Peter couldn’t find flip flops that did everything he wanted. If he wanted them to last they were too hard, if he wanted comfort they were too soft, if he wanted to party in them they were to ‘much’. Why couldn’t he find one that just did it all?

With this in mind he came up with thongs and developed a flip flop that is now on sale throughout the world. In its short time in business Thongs are now selling in retailers throughout Europe and as far away as Slovenia.

Thongs flip flops are made from top quality long lasting soft rubber. Our flip flops are very high quality that allows you to use them over and over again.